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Starting this company from humble beginnings, our vision as a whole is to supply excellent quality in sportswear at a realistic price. Sinalli has grown to become a highly dedicated and successful business which operates in the hills area accommodating customers from all around Australia. We proudly stand by the authenticity of our products to offer genuine Australian Made garments that our customers will be more than impressed with. Together with the absolute professionalism and motivation of our staff the “Sinalli” brand continues to grow and be favoured among many. We invite you to take the challenge and ask you to combine your passion and innovation and make Sinalli your brand.

Our sales & customer service representatives are professionally trained to assist you with your enquiry from start to finish. Our main objective is to combine PASSION, INNOVATION, ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY & DESIGN to ensure that your experience with us is more than adequate.

School Wear: Sinalli is proud to be supporting a variety of schools from many districts around the area. We can and will accommodate your every request to ensure that your kids will wear nothing but the best there is in sportswear. Create a uniform that best reflects your school spirit, whether it is for Representative Sport (PSSA) or your regular sports uniform.

Our Products: We implement strict quality control policies in every step of the production process, and due to this, deal with the largest fabric mills in Australia. All our fabric is hand selected with a quality control test for Durability, Handle, and Soil & Moisture Management. We guarantee 100% satisfaction, including a 1-2 day quality control test immediately after the garments are completed.