Sinalli not only identifies with the game, we identify with the individual. Therefore, we commit to only supplying the best in design and quality, so you are representing at your best. We find importance in ensuring that our apparel adds a special dynamic to performance, generating a sense of team camaraderie and integrity.


You do not need to play the game to take pride in the game. Sinalli has a wide selection of supporters gear which builds on the platform of “TEAM SPIRIT”. There is no compromise in quality or appearance, rather we help you remain comfortable, focused and sharp.


Harness your potential in our high-end training apparel. We take personal interest in maintaining consistency in every aspect of the game. Our objective is to unite fashion with fitness across the board streamlining the three Ps – Professionalism, Personalisation and Performance.


A history of involvement and understanding of sport and innovation has guaranteed that our garments are the pinnacle of custom apparel. Sinalli can assist you in optimizing your impact by creating an identity that connects your soul in sport. It is our responsibility to ensure that you “Gear Up For Performance” when you wear the Sinalli brand.