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Looking for a professional decorated finish to your garments?

Professionalism exudes from presentation, and at Sinalli we have you covered from all angles to help your club, school or business get recognised. Choosing to embellish your garments is a great way to add that extra touch of class.


Dye-sublimation printing is a technique that uses special inks applied with both heat and pressure to create vibrant and crisp designs on fabric. The result is a completely washable, higher resolution image, which enables a more detailed full colour print.
Because the dyes are infused into the fabric the prints will not crack, fade or peel.


This form of creativity can bring your logo or text to life with endless colour choices.

Embroidery is a simple but effective way to enhance the look of your apparel with an abundance of textiles to choose from.
Stitches are carefully sewn to create a precise image that gives a distinct finish.


This method is a traditional style of decoration where ink is used directly on the garment to create an art piece in separate stages. Depending on quantity of colours involved will depend on the number of screens created.

During the screen printing process, the ink becomes a part of the fabric and is adapted to wear & tear and washing.


This is simply a magnified patchwork technique that will add an extra WOW factor. This unique extension of embroidery is eye catching when wanting to make a statement.


This is a quick and simple solution when wanting a cost-effective way to decorate your apparel.

Embodied with a choice of sizes & colours, depending on your design, transfers are easily applied with a combination of heat & heavy pressure. Vinyl prints sit on top of the fabric but should last years under normal use.