COVID-19 Update

Hi everyone. Not unlike yourselves COVID-19 has impacted us at Sinalli, and we have had to look at ways of doing things differently. For example we have been diversifying what we do by making personal protective equipment (PPE) for the health workforce which includes masks, gowns and aprons.

We have also taken this opportunity to look at how we can improve on what we already do, so we are currently in the process of building an exciting new website and updating our apparel catalogues. We are also looking to introduce a new streamlined way of ordering to help speed up the production process, and our customers will be able to login and track where their orders are up to at any point in time.

It has been a nervous time waiting for sport to resume but slowly we are starting to see what the new normal is going to look like. Stay safe and remember we are all in this together. When it’s time to get back out on the field and play the games you love… we’re ready when you are.